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physic stuff
sigh I can't wait till summer. I just want to sit at cafes and write poems all day. Not have to worry about stupid projects due. But the end of the summer, always gives me a sadness for some reason. Thank god it isn't till the week before (school ends) till I get this temporary depression.
TODAY I a number think with my birthdate to reflect my personality:
12/11/1995 1+2+1+1+1+9+9+5=29 (2+9)=11 11!-  this is the number of the super intellect or genius, also regarded as a lucky person. Transformation.


then chloe apparently read my aura and she said she saw a soft gold.
Gold aura- This truly spiritual color is rarely seen in the aura--it is the sign of saints or godly beings, as depicted in halos. Used in healing, gold is an excellent overall aid in protection.

(awesome. I'm a genius and a godly saint!) 

  • 1 sit at cafes?

*didn't know*

See, I commented after all

dude if we lived in Paris in the early 1900's you wouldn't think it's weird to sit at cafes and write!

I don't think it's weird.

It's just that....I never knew you did that. Just go to cafes and sit and write.....?

("I thought we were friends!")

HEY! we are friends! i would if i lived in paris in the early 1900's. but since I would have to drive to a cafe, i don't really....WHATEVER FORGET IT! :)

You violently shouted WHATEVER FORGET IT....and then put a smiley face after.

It reminds me of a certain baseball idiot.

...........and now I look back and see the "want to sit" part....

feels like idiot

whats the difference between a baseball idiot and a plan idiot?


hahhahahahha are you going to reveal the meaning behind "baseball idiot" TELL ME! :)

I'll do a post on this.

Just for you, Holly I. Winters-sama.

sweetness. I love you Miss. Oliver~sama Hey just out of curiousity whats your first name? Is it just Miss. Oliver? OR is that part of your whole mystery thing. KIND OF how you wont tell me you middle name. ???? EH?

wait, will you tell me your middle name or first name of Miss. Oliver. Which one, or can I smuggle out both?

what do you think? What would I say here?


i dunno. huh? so you areee going to tell me you middle name...sweet!

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